Friday, August 18, 2006

Reset your PeopleSoft Password or AccessID Password

Many times you may get a request from user to reset his password and you can not login to PeopleSoft Web App to do that. Here is a way to reset the password using your database SQL utility. This assumes that you can login to your database using valid Peoplesoft db account or superuser account.


This resets the password = oprid

update psoprdefn
set operpswd = oprid,
encrypted = 0
where oprid = any_oprid;

Login to data mover (bootstrap mode or regular mode)
and run encrypt_password oprid;

2. For some reason, you login to Appdesigner and it gives following error message

SQL error. Stmt #: 2 Error Position: 0 Return: 404 - ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied;

This indicated that your database password and password stroed in PSACCESSPRFL (Encrypted format in accesspswd) are not in sync.
Run the following command in your database SQL Utility

set accessid = 'peoplesoft_schema_id',
accesspswd = 'current_password',
encrypted = 0
where symbolicid = <your symbolic id>

Login to App designer and it will let you login again and also encrypt the password in PSACCESSPRFL


PS-GUY said...


Those are the common problems which prevent a logon.

One more thing to add-up,
At times the administrators forget to run the grant.sql

The first thing that I do with log on problems is log into the database using SQLPLUS with access_id = connect_id and access_password = connect_password. Then make sure that I could execute the SELECT on the three log on tables.

Kirk said...

This post was such a time saver. I had 240 passwords to reset and this approach was just what I needed.

Kirk Nesbitt

Tahir said...

Awesome ,

You Have released my tensions ,We try hard to solve butt this script really works .
Grate Work
Thanks for the POST