Monday, October 04, 2010

E-QR: Wrong Output Is Generated When Running PSQuery Using Email Type

If you have  files in the following folder $PS_CFG_HOME/appserv/prcs/<dbname>/files with extension xls, cxv , pdf and you try to schedule a query using Schedule Query (PSQUERY), and select email option, you may get incorrect file emailed to you.


Workaround: Delete the files in $PS_CFG_HOME/appserv/prcs/<dbname>/files folder that has extension xls, csv or pdf.

This is a bug introduced in 8.50.08 and as of 8.50.12 not yet resolved.

See My Oracle Support resolution ID: 1186374.1

PS resolution says this happens when you have PS_FILEDIR is setup in the Process scheduler box, but this was not the case in our environment.

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Maree said...

We've seen the same thing happen regardless of whether PS_FILEDIR is setup.

In our case, if we're after a txt output and there is any csv file in the 'parent' directory (i.e. the directory one level above where the actual file is created) it emails that file instead.