Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Portal registry search index No Success

Whenever I run the portal registry search index process (8.43.17) for all languages installed (CFR - French, ENG - English, ESP - Spanish), it errors out with No success message. The dump file shows the following error. The app engine process eventually runs fine, after multiple restart. Has anybody encountered similar issues?

PSAESRV.28984 [06/21/06 10:25:55 CkSta1008857](0)

PSAESRV.28984 [06/21/06 10:25:55 CkSta1008857](0) PSAESRV crash dump at 2006-06-21 [06/21/06 10:25:55 CkSta1008857](0) PSAESRV.28984 [06/21/06 10:25:55 CkSta1008857](0) Assertion (!nSqlRecurse) Failed at /local_home/build84/pt84317-retailr_o/src/pssys/samlib.cpp, line 1404.PSAESRV.28984 [06/21/06 10:25:55 CkSta1008857](0) Assertion (!nSqlRecurse) Failed at /local_home/build84/pt84317-retailr_o/src/pssys/samlib.cpp, line 1404.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Create Portal Registry Content Reference for a Query

You can easily create a new Content Reference for running the Query directly from Left hand menu, without navigating thru Query viewer. This allows easy execution of query by end user.

The Query URL is of the following format


Go to Structure and Content and Create a new Content reference, with following properties

Usage Type : Target
Select No Template check box.
Node Type : Always use Local, if you want to run the query hosted locally
URL Type : PeopleSoft Generic URL
Note : No forward slash before q. Otherwise Portal template will not be removed.
Content Reference Attributes
Attribute Value : true
Uncheck Translate check box.

This will open the query page in a new window with no Portal wrapper.

If you want to pass parameters to query URL, you need to add the following at the end
"&<unique prompt name>=<value>"

You can find the unique prompt name from prompt definition page.