Monday, November 03, 2014

Deleting Rows in ExcelToCI

Go to to see How to modify delivered ExcelToCI template to delete rows which is not delivered by default. One of the use case is delete roles from user profiles in mass without using backend SQL . This uses delivered USER_PROFILE component interface. Tested in PT 8.53 and works fine. Make sure that you select Action as UPDATEDATA in Connect Information worksheet of ExcelToCI

In Summary, Go to Tools | Macros | Visual Basic Editor

Open StagingAndSubmission Module and Navigate to WriteCollectionHeader function do the following.

You will see a case statement “Select Case lScrollLevel”

Change the “Case 1” statement as PSROLEUSER is in level 1. If your target rows exist in other levels, you will need to modify that Case statement.

sXmlLine = sIndent & "<" & sXmlTag & ">"


sXmlLine = sIndent & “<” & sXmlTag & " CINodeAction=""DELETE"">"