Monday, January 26, 2015

IE9 Save As or Save Target As not working after applying update KB3008923 on Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit machine

Update : After applying the Latest Cumulative Security Update KB3032359 - MS15-018: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer: March 10, 2015 Save As is working fine again. Also this resolves IE9 Freak Vulnerability as well. 

If you have applied the update KB3008923 , you may not be able to open any Microsoft office document (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx) etc. Also If you try to download a software and try to use Save As option from the toolbar, it does not work. If you right click on a link and Select Save Target As that also does not work.


This issue is not mentioned on the Microsoft site 

Though they recommend manually applying update KB3025945 ( to resolve IE9 Crash issue, it does not fix the issue.

To resolve the issue, I have to uninstall both KB3025945 and KB3008923 and once I did that everything started working normally. I would advise not to install this update till Microsoft come up with a replacement fix using windows update.

This will impact PeopleSoft Excel Query download functionality any word document download.

To uninstall the update, go to Control Panel and Search for “Installed updates” and Select View Installed Updates under Programs and Features


In the Search dialog at the top right type KB3025945 first and then KB3008923 and select uninstall  after right clicking on the selected update. You will need to restart the machine after each update is uninstalled.

(NET.334): Tuxedo cannot find the service RunAeAsync2. Make sure the application server advertising this service is booted.

If your users are calling and telling you that App engine processes are remaining in initiated status for longer time ( > 5 minute) and you observe the following message. (Assuming PSAESRV is configured)

in the $PS_CFG_HOME/appserv/prcs/<domain>/LOGS folder for SCHDLR_MMYY.LOG you will see the message

(NET.334): Tuxedo cannot find the service RunAeAsync2.  Make sure the application server advertising this service is booted.

To see all files that has this message

grep NET.334 SCHDLR*.LOG | cut -d : -f 1 | sort -u

Please note the number at the end of RunAeAsync. It could be 1 thru n depending on number of PSAESRV configured. What this message means that the PSAESRV and number at the RunAeSync is not running for e.g. in this case PSAESRV that provides service RunAeSync2 is not running.

You will also see in the same folder for TUXLOG.MMDDYY the following message!restartsrv.16887.414156544.-2: server AESRV/2: CMDTUX_CAT:1684: ERROR: Application initialization failure!restartsrv.16887.414156544.-2: server AESRV/2: CMDTUX_CAT:587: INFO: Cannot restart server, scheduling for cleanup



What this means is that for some reason PSAESRV has crashed and Tuxedo restart process is not able to restart PSAESRV process.

You have 2 option 2 fix the issue.

Option 1 : Shutdown and Restart the server

Option 2: Manually start the PSAERV process using command line without shutting down and restarting the server.

Option 2 is preferred, if you have other PSAESRV processes running in process monitor that will be killed if you try to stop the process scheduler.

Start PSADMIN (cd $PS_HOME/appserv; ./psadmin)

Select 2 for process Scheduler

Select 1 for Administer a domain

Select 1for appropriate Process Scheduler Domain

Select 5 for TUXEDO command line (tmadmin)


boot -g AESRV -i 1

(Change -I 1 to appropriate number for PSAESRV process that crashed Determined from the number at the end of RunAeSync).

Observed this issue in PeopleTools : 8.53.12 and Linux : Red Hat 6.3 64 bit.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Unable to find a Routing Corresponding to the incoming Request Message (158,505)

When testing a WSDL or WADL you are getting the above message in the output Unable to find a Routing Corresponding to the incoming Request Message (158,505). for e.g. after publishing the WSDL for Soap or WADL for Rest, you try to view the WSDL or WADL and get the above message. 

1. Make sure that GETWADL and GETWSDL Service Operation which is part of IB_UTILITY Service is active and has any to local routing defined and active. Once you add the missing routing, Go to Routing Definition and Select Parameter Tab and make sure that External alias is exactly GetWADL for GETWADL and GetWSDL for GETWSDL. If it is anything other for e.g. GETWADL or GETWADL.V1 it will not work.



See following My Oracle Support Resolutions 1949257.1 and 1572531.1 for more information.

Sample URL to view WADL and WSDL are



To find out which WSDL or WADL are published to  WSDL Repository, Do the following Select.

select * from PSIBWSDLDFN;

Note: This is tested in 8.53.09 and 8.53.12 but may be valid for other PeopleTools version as well.