Thursday, February 03, 2011

Which Run Status values are considered "Active" by the Process Scheduler

Question:  Which Run Status values are considered "Active" by the Process Scheduler ?
Answer: The Process Scheduler considers: Initiated, Blocked, and Processing as active slots.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Application Run Controls versus Process Run Controls

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E-PRCS: Master Note: Process Scheduler [ID 1266607.1]

Application Run Controls versus Process Run Controls 
There are two types of "Run Control" stored in different database tables.

Process Run Control (created by the system)
Application Run Control ( created by the Application)

Process Run Control
Process Run Controls are created automatically by the system when a user creates a process request. The process run controls are stored in multiple tables. User ID and Run Control ID are keys to each tables:
PS_PRCSRUNCNTL - Stores user's language code and language option
PSPRCSRUNCNTLS - Stores server name and time zone
PS_PRCSRUNCNTLEOPT - Stores parameters for process request runs to email such as email address, subject, body text…etc.
PS_PRCSRUNCNTLDTL - Stores run control details such as output type, output format, output destination, folder name, email output option for per process type and process name
PS_PRCSRUNCNTLDIST - Stores distribution list

Application Run Control
Application Run Controls are created by user when he/she submits a process to run. It holds parameters required and specific to the process/program. When the Application Run Control is created, it triggers the system to create the Process Run Controls as well using the same Run Control ID as the key.

From the end-user perspective, there's no distinction between Process and Application Run Controls. The Process Run Control is assigned the exact same name/id as the Application Run Control.
However, it's important for application developers to distinguish between the two when creating new application process/program.
Process run control and application run control are stored in different tables.
PeopleTools delivers the table to store only the process run control.
Application developer is responsible for creating the application run control table to store the application run control information.
If a user creates a new application run control to run a report, then the corresponding process run control will be given the same name.

Run Control information is stored in two PeopleTools tables (at least):
PSPRCSRUNCNTLS (stores information from the Process Scheduler request panel) and
PS_PRCSRUNCNTL (stores the language code),
and at least one Application Run Control Table.

Note: From 8.4x PSPRCSRUNCNTLS is introduced which is used in place of PSPRCSRUNCNTL.