Thursday, January 19, 2006

Meta HTML Variables

Meta HTML variables are powerful options available in peoplecode that can be used in HTML areas to dynamically insert PeopleSoft environment variables and allow you to create pages that are dynamic. The following 2 are specially important.
%Image and %UserID.
If you want to refer to an image in your HTML Area, you can use %Image as follows
<img src='%Image(PSLOGO)'/> where PSLOGO is the name of image stored in peopesoft database image catalog. PeopleSoft will download this image file at runtime on the webserver and replace it with appropriate image url.
If you want to generate a url with currently logged in userid, %Userid can be used, instead of cookies, which may be problematic. For e.g.
<a href="">My Link</a>
Peoplesoft will automatically replace the %UserID with currently logged in user ID.
%URL(URLIdentifier [, NOENCODE | ENCODE | DESCR]) can be used to display the link stored in the URL Maintenance page.

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