Thursday, May 04, 2006

Directory Interface Troubleshooting Tips

If Directory interface fails to update the Directory Server, an easy way to find list of upload errors is
select * from ps_eo_dsbiload_err order by ds_time_Stamp desc
Common Errors
Bad parameter to an ldap routine

Resolution: This error occurs, if you do not have cert7.db file present in your appserver domain directory. $PS_HOME/appserv/domainname/cert7.db. Make sure that this file is present in all the appservers not just one, configured for your database. I have seen this error appearing randomly, when the cert7.db file was present in only one domain and absent in other domain. Remember to copy this file, if you use SSL for LDAP, everytime you add a new appserver for your database.

If you use the custom function to modify the attribute values, and inside this custom function you change the value of
&AttrIN (Holds the value of the Rec.Field assigned to the current
Attribute.) For e.g. any assignment statement like

&AttrIN = GetCommonName(&AtttIN) or xyz;

will modify the value of &AttrIN and cause the above error. Never modify
this input variable.

No such attribute

This happens, when PeopleSoft Business interlink is trying to delete the
Attribute in LDAP and the value is not present. This is normally harmless.

I have also noticed that Function modifiers are not applied when it generated

Can't connect to the LDAP server
  1. Invalid LDAP Directory Server Address
  2. Invalid Directory Server Port
  3. If using SSL, Expired SSL Certificate or invalid SSL Port
  4. No cert7.db locaed inside the appserver domain for e.g. $PS_HOME/appserv/domainname/cert7.db
  5. The above directory name is valid only if
    If you have not modified the SSL_DB parameter under the settings tab in Business interlink LDAP_SEARCH or LDAP_SEARCH_BIND. For more information, check LDAP Authentication with PeopleTools Red Paper by Tom Lenz on customer connection (Last updated June 24 2005).

Please share any other errors and possible solution you encountered in setting up LDAP Directory interface process.

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