Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Execute query from Lefthand Portal Navigation

You can run PeopleSoft Query from Lefthand Portal Navigation. This helps the end user to navigate to remember the query name easily.

Go to Portal -> Structure and Content

Navigate to  the folder under which you want to create the content reference.

Add a new content reference and fill following fields as follows

Check No Template check box. This will remove the portal Header and Left hand menu navigation.

URL information

Node Name : Always use Local or appropriate remote node name

URL Type : PeopleSoft Generic URL


Content Reference Attributes


Uncheck Translate check box.

Attribute value: true

This will open the query results in a new window.

Go to Security Tab and add appropriate permission list and save the content reference.

You may have to refresh the homepage to be able to see this new portal content reference in Left hand  Navigation menu.

This is applicable for PeopleTools 8.4x only.

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