Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Login to Two Tier using your Enterprise LDAP ID.

Normally, If you use LDAP Authentication for logging into your PeopleSoft application, you can not use the same id to login in Two Tier. This will force you to have multiple ids as you can do following in only two tier mode.

  • Data Mover access
  • Run Compare Reports
  • Build SQL Tables

This is not very convenient and not a secure approach. PeopleSoft  SOLUTION ID 200735608 - E-LDAP: LDAP Authentication does not work in 2-tier describes this behavior.

I have found this undocumented Trick to use the same LDAP ID to login to App Designer in Two tier mode. I have tested this in PeopleTools 8.43 only and it may not work in higher tools release. (Let me know in comments) Note: This trick does not bypass peoplesoft security. If you do not have access to underlying components or menu items (for e.g. DATA MOVER Or Run compare reports or Build SQL), you won't be able to perform this.

Here are the Steps.

  1. Login to App Designer in Three Tier. If you get an error message (You cannot sign on because the password for this user (PSOPRDEFN.OPERPSWD) isn't encrypted. Run encrypt_password * in Datamover, or change the password in Maintain Security.) , Press OK to continue and you will be logged in App Designer. The above message is a warning only and it does not prevent you from signon. This is identified as a known issue and is fixed in PeopleTools 8.46. See SOLUTION ID 200776124 - E-LDAP: Cannot logon 3 tier with LDAP user as ENCRYPTED field on PSOPRDEFN is set to 0
  2. Now Login to App Designer by running this from Start -> Run or create a shortcut on the desktop.

    <path to pside>pside.exe -CT ORACLE -CD dbname -CO userid -CI people -SUBSEQUENT -MN"APPLICATION_DESIGNER"

    Replace ORACLE With your DBType, userid with your LDAP Userid, people with your connectid if different. Note you do not need password as you are already logged in.
  3. You can run Data Mover from Go -> Data Mover Command once you are logged in 2 Tier mode.


CoffeeTableBook said...

This works for PT 8.45.15.

Matt said...

This works in 8.49.07. Thanks