Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alternative to SendMail Function : PT_MCF_MAIL

You can use Application package PT_MCF_MAIL (PeopleTools 8.46 or higher only) to generate emails instead of using SendMail peoplecode function.

Go to the PeopleBooks to get the complete description.

Home > PeopleBooks > Enterprise PeopleTools 8.48 PeopleBook: PeopleCode API Reference > Mail Classes

Go to Mail Classed Example section to see How to use these classes. Following examples are provided.

  • Creating Text Email
  • Creating Email and Overriding SMTP Settings
  • Creating HTML Email
  • Creating Multi-Part Email With Both Text and HTML Parts
  • Creating HTML Email with Images
  • Creating Email with Attachments
  • Creating Email Attachments Specifying a URL
  • Creating Multiple Emails
  • Authenticating Email While Sending


  • Structured Code
  • Can generate HTML Email
  • Can override Default SMTP Parameters
  • Better Error Handling
  • Send emails  return receipt request (email reception notification)
  • Ability to set Message priority





  •   You might not be able to use GetHTMLText in Application Engine program run using process scheduler or in 2 tier mode, as this function does not support bind variables in 2 tier mode. PeopleBooks list the following constraints for this function.

    Restrictions on Use
  • Use this function with the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture. If run from a 2 tier environment, the parameter substitution does not take place.

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YC said...

Is there a way that we can attached a PDF document in Peoplesoft email?