Friday, April 11, 2008

Schedule Query Security Access

Access to Schedule Query is controlled by the following.

1. Schedule Query Component
2. Access to PSQUERY App engine process.

There are 2 ways you can run  schedule Query process.

1. From Query Manager or Query viewer: These pages uses SCHED_QUERY_QRYVW (SCHEDQUERY2) Component with different search record: QUERY_RUN_QRYVW
2. From Schedule Query: This page uses SCHED_QUERY (SCHEDQUERY) Component with search record: QUERY_RUN_CNTRL

Following Process Groups are assigned to the PSQUERY App engine process that is used for scheduling queries.

select * from PS_PRCSDEFNGRP where prcsname = 'PSQUERY'

Therefore to Grant access to all users for Scheduling Queries who have access to Query Manager or Query Viewer Component following must be done.

1. Add access to Component : SCHED_QUERY (Baritemname: SCHEDQUERY) and SCHED_QUERY_QRYVW (Baritemname: SCHEDQUERY2)
2. Add Process groups to Same permission list that grants access to Schedule query: TLSALL

In Demo, PTPT1000 Classid and Role PeopleSoft user has access to the components


In Demo, PTPT1200 Classid and Role PeopleTools has access to TLSALL Process group which can run PSQUERY Process.

Therefore, user must have access to PTPT1000 and PTPT1200 permission list. Therefore Role PeopleTools and PeopleSoft user must be assigned to successfully run the Schedule Query process using delivered Pages.

If you are creating a custom permission list, you can assign access to these components and process group to same permission list. Assign the permission list to a role and assign it to actual user.

Your users may get this error message, if they do not have access to process group assigned to PSQUERY Process and try to schedule the query.

PeopleSoft error report: Error: Required ProcessRequest attribute missing: JobName (65,151) PRCSRQSTDLG_WRK.LOADPRCSRQSTDLGPB.FieldFormula  Name:LaunchAndRunProcessRequest  PCPC:67779  Statement:768 Called from:PRCSRQSTDLG_WRK.LOADPRCSRQSTDLGPB.FieldFormula  Name:LaunchProcessRequestDlg  Statement:787 Called from:QUERY_RUN_CNTRL.QRYNAME.SavePreChange  Statement:2

This error normally means user is not having access to Job or process group assigned to the process or job name. You can use these queries to determine what process groups are assigned to a job or process definition and what permission list has access to it.

select * from PS_PRCSDEFNGRP where prcsname = 'PSQUERY'
select * from PS_PRCSJOBGRP where PRCSJOBNAME = '3CBL'
select * from psauthprcs where prcsgrp = 'TLSALL'

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Unknown said...

I know this is not related to this topic. But I do have a question related to application designer.
I have an HTML area and I am passing value to it through peoplecode (but the input is made front end)
When the HTML area is displayed it is not interpreting the HTML tags, meaning it is being displayed as text.
*This is an isolated case however, others are working.
Also, checking further, I found out that the "<" is being converted to "<" which is the char entity equivalent of <. the > tags are not being converted though and not all the < are being converted.
Do you have any idea why?