Saturday, November 13, 2010

Application Engine program remains in processing status forever.

Process Scheduler Server Agent PSUNX is below the Log Space Threshold
The Log/Output Directory /xyz/psft/pt/8.50/appserv/prcs/xyz/log_output for the Process Scheduler Server Agent PSUNX
in server for database xyz has 8 MB of free space.
This is below the disk threshold value of 10 MB in the Log Space Threshold
found in the Process Scheduler Configuration file. The system is suspending
the server agent until more disk becomes available.  Until then, no queued
process requests will be processed in this Process Scheduler Server Agent.


This happened because, one of the user modified the Application engine Process definition, override options as follows and ran the process using process scheduler.

-debug Y –trace 3



This resulted in a trace file that keeps growing very fast and consumes the entire available disk space on the appserver.

Removing the above parameters (-debug Y) and deleting the huge log file resolved the issue.

Following sql can be used to determine if there are any app engines that have this defined.

SELECT lastupdoprid,
FROM   ps_prcsdefn
WHERE  parmlist <> ' '
       AND prcstype = 'Application Engine'
       AND prcsname <> 'PSCONQRS'; 


-debug Y should only be used from psae command line for interactive debugging. It should not be used in Process definition.

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