Thursday, April 21, 2011

Integration Gateway: General Connection Failed (158,10836)

We send a XML Message to Vertex using HTTPTargetConnector  in an app engine program in batch mode.
Occasionally we see that the Return response is the following : Integration Gateway: General Connection Failed (158,10836)

On seeing some other resolution the following could be the cause of this message.
This error is thrown when there is no valid response.

Possible errors include:
Bad gateway URL
Sync Service Timeout set and Service actually timed out.
Java exception thrown - Check Application Server for possible Java exception.
Since URL is correct and there is no Java exception, I think the reason is Sync Service Timeout set and Service actually timed out.

When I was reading PeopleBooks for HTTPTargetConnector Properties there is a Header Property called Timeout for which the default value is 50 seconds.

Here is the explanation from the peoplebook.
Specify the time in milliseconds for the connector to wait for the message to transmit. If the timeout period expires without a successful transmission, the transaction fails.
The default value is 50000 (50 seconds).


Setting the property value to 120000 (120 seconds or 2 minutes), resolved the issue. Make sure that you modify the Node Connector as well as routing connector properties if one is defined.



Navigation : PeopleTools –> Integration Broker –> Integration Setup –> Nodes –> Connectors

Property ID: HEADER

Property Name: TimeOut

Value: 120000

Go to Routings Tab and Select the Outbound Routing and Select Connector Properties. If you have a Property defined  for e.g. PRIMARYURL then you will need to add it here as well, otherwise if it is blank then it is not needed to be added here.

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