Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Query 'XXX' has Tree Prompt Option criteria defined. (241,93). Queries with Tree Prompt Option criteria cannot be used in Connected Query, XML Publisher, Query Access Services and some other Applications.

The issue was due to the fact that a new record was added to an existing query and this record was not added to query tree access group assigned to user running this query.

Once the record was added to the appropriate query tree access group, issue is resolved.

This issue was noted in PT 8.50.22. In reality, the following message should be given.

The record (XXX) used by query is not available to the access group assigned to user. Hopefully they may fix this in future release.

This issue can also happen when you modify the query using a userid that has access to query record, but the user running it does not have access to it.

Query to determine all the records available to a userid.

Query to determine which records user can see

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Unknown said...

Hi PS Gurus i have an issue with process scheduler server PSNT. client requirement is to show the PSNT1 instead of PSNT is it possible to make rename, if it is possible, in how many table we have to change the PSNT server name. with regards durga prasad