Monday, January 18, 2016

Portal Home Page Displays Error : Error getting content for remote pagelet.

When you are logging on to a Portal Home Page which displays Remote pagelets, You get this error randomly.

Error Message: Error getting content

When you click on "Detailed Error Description", You will get this

Unable to get document
Error occurred while accessing target page.

To see the further details, Please log in to your webserver and open the following log files. If you have more than 1 web server you may have to go to each web server to see the content.

Log File Location : $PS_CFG_HOME/webserv/peoplesoft/servers/PIA/logs (This is for PeopleTools 8.53 and higher).
Log File Names are below

If you open any one of these log file, You will see the following

2000-01-07T11:47:21.185         9259 163517125      unknown SEVERE psft.pt8.psp logError Error for User: abc Error Message: Unable to get document:  Requested URL: Target URL:  Error reading from server

If you do not have security issue or single signon issue, Please check the default HTTP Header size allowed by your Load balancer that you use for multiple webservers.  In Case of Cisco ACE Loadbalancer default is : 4096 bytes. Increasing it to 32768 helps in resolving this issue.

For Cisco Ace this parameter is :
set header-maxparse-length 32768

If you use a different Load balancer for e.g. F5 LTM then I believe the default is already 32768.  You can contact your Load balancer vendor to determine the default HTTP Header size.

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