Monday, August 31, 2015

You are not authorized to access this component. (40 20)

You may see this error message, even if you have granted correct security. To resolve this please run the below sql. Open the role and delete the orphan permission list or remove the role from the user and issue will be fixed.

This was happening as user has a role that had a permission list that did not existed in the database. This happens when the project is migrated to target database but does not include the permission list.

non-existing permission list assigned to the role.

Select R.rolename
, RC.classid
From psroleuser R
, psroleclass RC
Where RC.Rolename = R.Rolename
And not exists
(Select 'X' from psclassdefn C
Where C.classid = RC.classid)
And R.roleuser = '[--OPRID—]'

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! It helped me today!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much it helped me too.