Monday, February 20, 2006

Batch file to Check status of multiple PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Servers running on Windows 2000 Server

You can use this batch file to check status of multiple peoplesoft process scheduler servers (Batch server), running on Windows 2000 Server. You need to run this batch file from %PS_HOME%\appserv directory. Preferably create a shortcut on desktop pointed to this file with Start In folder setup to %PS_HOME%\appserv folder. You will also need to create a View prcsserver.txt or Download prcsserver.txt file, which should contain name of process scheduler servers one per line. Place this file in the same folder, where your batch file is located.
Once you run this batch file, it opens a notepad displaying the status.txt file. It also creates a status1.txt file that contains tmadmin Version amd Copyright information. These files are all created under the same folder where batch file is located.

You can also edit the batch file variables to give different file name. They are
  • outfile - Output File that displays the status
  • outfile1 - Output File that contains tmadmin Copyright info
  • filename - List of Process Scheduler Servers

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Sandy said...

Hi Ketan,

I trying to dowload the batch file and txt file and not able to do it. Its shows server not found error. I will appreciate if you could check and correct the download link. Thanks a lot.