Friday, February 10, 2006

Trace Unique PeopleSoft Session

If you want to generate trace for your own PeopleSoft Session (8.x) and not for everybody else, you can append trace=y to the login URL. For e.g. if the login URL is adding &trace=y at the end will show you special trace settings you can enable. The url will look like

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Ketan Kothari said...

We cannot use this method, if PeopleSoft Administrator disables New Window link.
This method is useful only if you know exactly where you want to generate the trace. Sometimes developer may not have an idea where to enable the trace. In this case, the entire session based trace is useful, instead of turning the domain wide trace. While developing applications in dev environment, you can even use PeopleCode SetTraceSQL and SetTracePC to enable the trace for a specific section of code only. All the tracing methods, Session Based Trace, Using the Trace Page and PeopleCode trace functions allows you to generate trace based on your situation.