Friday, February 24, 2006

Developer's Short cut to launch AE programs as processes

You can use this method to launch AE programs as processes without having specific individual Process Definitions created using AE Request Page.

The idea is to replace %%PRCSNAME%% with %%RUNCNTLID%% so that you run AE Programs by creating run control id = AE Program name.

1. Create a New Process Definition FASTTEST of Type App engine and in the OverRide Options Tab, Specify Parameter List -> Override as follows


Also associate it with AE_REQUEST component & TLSALL Process Group on the Process Defintion options tab

You can then navigate to PeopleTools -> Application Engine -> Request AE -> Add
Program name AEPROGNAME

When the Request page opens, select process frequency always and hit the run button. Select the server Name and FASTTEST.

Note: You will not get Redirected Terminal Output (the standard output for the Application Engine program 2-tier). If run via Process Scheduler, there will be no log file generated, because a specific Process Definition for the Application Engine program was not used. Also use this method to test only in Dev Environment.

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